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Wendell farms in North Central IA and one of my first customers. 



I have spent several hours working with your software looking at the '01 corn crop and the different pricing scenarios and I am very impressed with the ability of your product.  I'm looking forward to doing the '02 analysis with an unknown yield/price/crop insurance options.  This is a product I have been looking for for the last five years....

Wendell Davison

Garner, IA


Debruce Grain based in Kansas City and with locations throughout  the country sent me the following.


David Olsen’s MyFarmRiskEliminator software is a marketing tool that every grain producer should take a good look at. The software has embedded the current farm bill payments, the level and type of insurance chosen, along with forward marketing, and any use of futures and options, to give the producer a visual and monetary view of profit or loss at each yield and price combination. The software allows the producer to develop a series of “what if” scenarios before he pulls the trigger on selling his grain.

As a grain firm employee who is focused on adding to the producer’s bottom line, and one who constantly touts the benefit of forward marketing, the MyFarmRiskEliminator software helps the producer achieve the first, while showing the advantage of the second, in an easy to use format.  

I have seen similar products, but none approach the low cost and functionality of the MyFarmRiskEliminator software, and no other that I know of, is offered to producers. One good marketing decision based on the information that is detailed by this product, can make the very low licensing fee look miniscule! 

Some of our locations have bought the licensing to be used for our producer customers.

Dana R. Mantini

Futures/Options Coordinator

DeBruce Grain, Inc.



The following link will take you to an article in the Des Moines Register that interviewed several users of the software.



Click Here:  Des Moines Register Feature Article



The following testimonial came from

an insurance agent in Nebraska. 


After seeing David's  program, I went and bought the program.  It took about half a day to get it down.  I am a crop insurer and seed sales man.  The first day out with example sheets of the program, I landed a large crop insurance client that covered the cost of Dave’s program.  Later that day, I had a question with the program, I called Dave and he walked me through it.  

My Farm Risk Eliminator is adding to my business.  I have clients who see real value in this product and then tell others who then become customers.  In a day where every crop insurance plan is the same, it is nice to have something that puts me above other agents.  With seed, it is the same deal. 

Thanks Dave, for helping me expand my business. 

John Schreiter

Nebr. City, NE






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